Since 5765 (2005 CE/AD) YHWH Worshippers have been preserving the original culture (Hebrew) mandated by our creator אבא יהוה (Abba YHWH/Father Yahweh) which had been practiced by the 3 Patriarchs including אברהם(Abraham/Abram), יצחק (Isaac), and ישראל/יעקב (Israel/Jacob) through obedience towards the written and oral תורה (Torah/Turo). The YHWH Worshippers have never embraced the concept of religion because this was only fabricated by the גוים (goyim/gentiles) that has been consciously and subconsciously erasing the Torah and replacing it with abominations. As part of the lost tribes of Israel, the YHWH Worshippers aim to continuously guard the written and oral Torah, to keep obeying it, to educate those who were lost in translations (Latin/Greek/Italian/Spanish/English) about the original name אופיר (Ophir), language עברית (Hebrew) and settler in the Philippines (the 10 lost divisions of the tribe of לוי (Levi/Liwa)), and to justify the essence of returning to the way of the Hebrew.